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Welcome to the XCOM Barracks - a place to upload, share, explore, and download characters created in XCOM 2! Recruit new soldiers, VIPs, and Dark VIPs from the universes of other XCOM Commanders, and share your own XOCM heroes (and villains)with the world. Check out our character upload/import guide to get started.

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1. Red_Riot 10209 EXP 6. DoorKicker 2460 EXP 11. Enemy Smell 1454 EXP 16. AyeBraine 1074 EXP
2. asdf0716 6972 EXP 7. Gyukyen 2213 EXP 12. Obiyer 1347 EXP 17. Sick 991 EXP
3. Kivan 3944 EXP 8. Biggus Piggus 1848 EXP 13. Silent Hastati 1338 EXP 18. Sir Tristan 985 EXP
4. SEXY6IXXGUNS7 3449 EXP 9. softbunlet 1793 EXP 14. Gzuw 1193 EXP 19. FletchWazzle 977 EXP
5. Chill 2644 EXP 10. BCDenton 1728 EXP 15. Niko Letto 1191 EXP 20. guga 977 EXP

Earn EXP on the XCOM Barracks through site participation, and rise up the ranks to become one of the top commanders on the Barracks. The Top Commanders list is updated every five minutes. Check out the FAQ for full details on how to earn EXP.

News from XCOM Barracks HQ

(09/11/2017) War of the Chosen DLC Support Enabled, and an update

The XCOM Barracks now supports the new War of the Chosen DLC! Get to it, Commander!

Hello, old friend. It's been a while - well over a year - since our last update. I'm late, I know, I know. Life's been a busy whirlwind for me lately, and I haven't had as much time as I would like to play games like XCOM, and since then,I've moved to a lot of other new projects. That doesn't mean I'm giving up support for the Barracks - I just don't have time to build big and bold feature updates like before.

Fortunately, I'm quite proud with how the website has turned out over the years - I think we have over a thousand characters now, and counting, with no big incident crashes or bugs. Given the site's success, I'm removing the Beta tag. Boom. Done. We're stable! And I am incredibly grateful for those who have supported the site over the years, shared characters, and participated in our little community, despite silence on my part.

I'm still casually monitoring the site subreddit for any issues that might arise, but until then, the site will simply remain as it is - running and functional. I personally consider the Barracks to be feature complete. But of course, I do value your feedback, even if it takes a while for me to get back to you.

As the councilman likes to say: we are watching. Good luck, Commander.

(05/14/2016) Alien Hunters DLC Support Enabled

The XCOM Barracks now supports the new Alien Hunters DLC! A flag has been added in the upload form that you can check to indicate use of Alien Hunters character attributes, and a corresponding search filter is also now available. We're looking forward to your uploads, Commander. (And feel free to feature your favorites over at the XCOM Barracks subreddit!)

(04/20/2016) Announcing the XCOM Barracks EXP System

It's been a while since we last updated the XCOM Barracks, and today we're proud to announce one of the biggest updates yet - the EXP system. Users can earn EXP points through site participation, such as uploading, voting on, and commenting on characters. These points are tallied on user profiles, and the top twenty commanders on the Barracks will earn a spot on the XCOM Barracks homepage (see above)!

You can also earn EXP from the participation of other users on your characters:

Our goal with the EXP system is to encourage site participation and high quality character uploads. EXP totals are visible in the user box on the upper right hand corner when signed in, and on user profiles. Those of you who have been active on the XCOM Barracks already will be pleased to hear that EXP has been awarded retroactively to existing users on the Barracks. You can sign in now to view your current EXP value, and if you're lucky, you could be in the top twenty!

In the future, we hope to launch a visual ranking system much like soldier ranks in XCOM. These ranks will come with cosmetic profile bonuses and other small perks to further incentivize site participation. We're still tweaking the current system, so we'd love to hear your feedback on the XCOM Barracks subreddit.

Thanks for keeping up the fight against the ADVENT occupation! We're looking forward to your character uploads.

(03/17/2016) Anarchy's Children DLC Support Enabled

We've enabled support for the new Anarchy's Children DLC (which releases today!) on the XCOM Barracks. Characters that use elements from Anarchy's Children can now be flagged as such during the upload or edit process, and a corresponding search filter has been added as well. We've also fixed a minor bug where set DLC flags appear unflagged in the edit form. Let us know if everything works smoothly (or doesn't) over on the XCOM Barracks subreddit!

(03/15/2016) XCOM Barracks Video Guide Is Up

The missing character upload guide from the Guide/FAQ page is now filled with a three-minute quick start video that goes through all the necessary steps for exporting and importing a character to XCOM 2, featuring voiceover by Brian (actually, myself!). We hope it encourages more uploads to the site and all around increased participation. The video is can be directly viewed below:

Other small XCOM Barracks updates include new restyled file select buttons on the upload page, and more entries in our FAQ. We're cooking up a number of longer term projects which will take some time to release, so general updates will be a bit less frequent than usual. As always, we're around on the XCOM Barracks subreddit to hear your feedback!

(03/09/2016) Search Sort By Rating Now Available

(03/02/2016) Mod support has arrived!

(02/26/2016) Categories and Editing Are Here!

(02/23/2016) The XCOM Barracks Open Beta has started!

(02/14/2016) TLS/SSL (HTTPS) Support is Here!

(02/14/2016) Small Update

(02/11/2016) Comments are here!

(02/07/2016) Beta Phase 2 is now underway!

(02/03/2016) First Beta Released!