XCOM Barracks Character Archive

Looking for characters? Download the entire XCOM Barracks character archive, which includes the 1000+ characters uploaded on the XCOM Barracks sorted by user rating. Google Drive | MEGA | Dropbox

To import characters into your game, move each .bin file into %USERPROFILE%/Documents/My Games/XCOM2/XComGame/CharacterPool/Importable.

Then, open XCOM 2, visit the Character Pool, and select the "Import Characters" menu. When selecting characters, you must select the "Import Entire Pool" option for characters to appear correctly.

After eight years of service, the XCOM Barracks is shutting down.

The XCOM Barracks was a place for XCOM 2 fans to upload, share, download, and rate their favorite custom characters for the game. Using the game's Character Pool, players could create, export, and import characters to be featured as the game's heroes and villains.

The XCOM Barracks was created by two college students and fans of the XCOM series when the game released in 2016. Since then, over one thousand characters were uploaded to the XCOM Barracks by the end of its lifespan.

After eight years of hosting and several major life and job changes, the site no longer functions quite as well as it used to, and we no longer have the bandwidth nor commitment to continue its upkeep. We believe, like all good things, the time has come for this site to end.

Nevertheless, we're tremendously proud of what we created, and we're incredibly honored to be a part of XCOM history. As a parting gift, the entire XCOM Barracks character archive is available (see links above) for download. The archive is sorted by user rating, starting with the highest rated characters in XCOM Barracks history. Each character .bin file contains an adjacent .json file which contains details for each character, including author and description.

An enormous THANK YOU to the hundreds of authors who shared their creations on the XCOM Barracks and users like you who have come to witness the best of what the community has to offer.

And of course, THANK YOU to Firaxis Games, 2K, and all the developers of the XCOM series, for the countless the memories of joy and grief brought by the game.

As always: Good luck, Commander. We will be watching.