Contribute to the XCOM Barracks Project

The XCOM Barracks needs you, Commander. Built by XCOM fans, for XCOM fans, the XCOM Barracks is developed and run entirely by volunteers who work on the project in their free time. All hosting expenses are currently being paid out-of-pocket.

In the future, the XCOM Barracks will have consider monetization strategies (like ads, donations, or premium accounts) to help pay for bandwidth and storage. We do not wish to implement download limits, intrusive advertising, and forced user registration that many file-sharing websites employ. If you have ideas or suggestions regarding how to help pay for hosting, please let us know on the official XCOM Barracks subreddit.

If you would like to make an early donation of any amount, you can do so via the PayPal donate button below. As a token of our appreciation, we'll list your name (and website/social media/etc) on the About page as a beta contributor.

Volunteer as a Specialist

Are you a writer, artist, graphic designer, or lawyer? We could use your skills. Shoot us an email with a description of yourself and what you do at Your work could be featured on the XCOM Barracks, you'll get get to pitch in on features before they're released, and you'll earn a spot in our site credits.